Wish List

Thinking you may not be able to do much to make a difference? NOT SO! Just a small gift of bus passes, movie tickets or gift cards makes a HUGE difference to The Cathedral City Senior Center or one of our members in need. Many small donations add up to BIG results. We welcome whatever you can afford to contribute including used items for our monthly rummage sales.  Below is our "Wish List" for 2017-- large or small, you CAN make a difference! For more information, please contact Bob McKechnie Email Bob


Food Pantry & Program Event Gift Cards

2- New Desktop Computers

Office Supply Gift Cards

Kitchen Paper Products & Cleaning Supplies

Large Energy Efficient Refrigerator

Large Energy Efficient Freezer

Refrigerated Truck for Mobile Food Pantry

Refurbished Van for Mobile Food Pantry

Sun Line Bus Passes

Sports, Theater, Waterpark & Museum Tickets

5 - Seminar Tables – 6’x19”

Speakers and Wireless Microphone

Karaoke Machine

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